Sky Circus located on the 60th floor of Sunshine City

Address: Sunshine 60, 3-1-1 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Phone number: 03 3989 3457

Openning hour: 10 A.M - 10  P.M


Adult: 1,200 yen (~11 USD)

Student: 900 yen (~8 USD)

Children (elementary and middle school): 600 yen (~5.5 USD)

Toddlers (under 4 years old): 300 yen (~3 USD)

Ticket price of TOKYO BULLET FLIGHT: 600 yen (~5.5 USD)

Ticket price of SWING COASTER: 400 yen (~3.6 USD)

Ticket price of SKY ESCAPE: 500 yen (~4.5 USD)

Magic mirror in Sky Circus, you will fade when looking at the mirror

See yourself in different angles in this special mirror

The kaleidoscope wall

Each black hole on the wall is a kaleidoscope, through which you can see all kinds of shapes and colors forming intriguing pictures.

Purple flowers in one of the kaleidoscopes

3D space with color shifting rays

A depiction of thunder and rain, demonstrating in Japanese the process of water transforming its state into clouds, and how thunders are created.

A fun weather forecast experience

Take surreal pictures in this spiraling 3D painting

The alien is attacking our Earth!!

There is a rest area where you can take a nap or lie down any time before continuing your trip.

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