Sumida River Fireworks Festival

About Sumida River Fireworks Festival

The Sumida River Fireworks Festival is held on the last Saturday of July every year along the Sumida River in Tokyo. As many as 950,000 people go to see it every year, it is one of the two largest fireworks festivals in Tokyo along with the Edogawa Fireworks Festival held every August. There are 22,000 fireworks launched, so the number of fireworks sent aloft is impressive! Why don't you see the fireworks that are the summer features in Japan with your family and friends?

How to get there


Location: Upstream areas of Sumida River near Sakurabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, and of Kototoibashi [first venue]

Downstream areas of Komagatabashi (bridge)  - Upstream areas of Umayahashi (bridge) [second venue]

By train

15-minute walk from Asakusa Station  [first venue]

5-minute walk from Kuramae Station [second venue]

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